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UTEMPS.com provides employment advertising and recruitment services through our career network and new media. We strive to help employers and recruiters to identify the best candidates from an extensive candidate pool where the talents are hard to find from traditional job boards. We maximize the amount of advertising that a company could use to get a job posting out to the prospective candidates through a many-to-many approach, not the traditional one-to-many approach. We target the precise professional networks where members of the community may have the exact qualifications that employers and recruiters are looking for.

UTEMPS.com not only recruits those active job seekers, but also reaches out to those passive candidates and build professional connections with them. These connections are a instant and constant candidate pool. When new opportunities appear available to them, they will become prefect candidates for those positions. Finding a good candidate is not about where you advertise, but who you know.

As social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter gain more popularity, more and more companies realize the value of those social networking sites and increasingly use those social networking sites for recruitment. However, the time, efforts and expertise required to engage the online communities become more challenging. This is where UTEMPS.com comes in to help! We are committed to helping you to reach out those professionals and bring the best and brightest candidates to your organization. Contact us today!

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  • Large number of highly qualified candidate pool
  • Recruit college students and recent grads for entry level jobs
  • Candidates with Ph.D.s for research associate and scientist levels available
  • Recruit for full-time and part-time positions
  • Connect academic and industry communities
  • Cost effective recruiting solution
  • Flexiable advertising options




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